My name is Zoran Mihajlovic but everyone calls me the MOROCCAN.
I have been riding motorcycles my whole life - and I have been here for a while now (I’m 59)!

After some time, the Idea came up ...

After many years spent on two wheels, and many kilometers behind, numerous great moments spent with the old friends, as well as the new ones we’d been meeting all over Serbia, the nearby countries (or the countries bordering Serbia) and all over the world, the decision come to put together:

 The experience,
 The beautiful landscapes of our country,
 The very well-known Serbian cuisine and,
and above all, the spirit of relaxation and love for nature and people who adorn us.

The key to doing all this is the passion for motorcycles that we have in common - our LOVE for MOTORCYCLES and ADVENTURE, combined with all the AMAZING DESTINATIONS that Serbia has to offer and all the INTERESTING PERSONS you will meet when you Ride on paved roads, will give a positive experience which will indicate you to travel with us as EXPERIENCED GUIDES.