VERY EASY ! – you already make a choice for one of the Moto Tours.

For exemple we will take the Tour no. 03 who have a headline “Kaymakchalan”.

On the C.A.S. web-site you have to go with your mouse on the name of the menu MOTO TOURS, and click !

The page will open and you will see the Moto Tours OFFERS in the form of moto wheels with numbers and headline. Under the wheels, you will see one red bouton named “€ price”. On the right side of the red bouton – you will see a yellow rectangle named “download”.

Click on the yellow rectangle and you will download the APPLICATION FORM.


Application Form - Prijavni Formular

You took the APPLICATION FORM, is made of two pages that need to fill.


Fill the application – there is two possibility:

  1. fill the application with your computer and then print. To fill the application is very easy…… have to click on the texte [Click here to enter texte] and enter the requested information. 
  2. print the application and fill by hand, before you print the application form, please, erase the texte [Click here to enter texte] in the entire application. Click on the texte (hi will start to be active) and then push the space button on the keyboard. The text has been deleted. Make the necessary space with the SPACE BOUTON.  After printing, fill with pencil all the requested information.

When you finish to fill the document, print it, sign it and then SCAN IT and send the document by mail to C.A.S. on the mail address  

The proof of payment – is the mail you send to us and the confirmation mail from us to you.



The payment of 50 % of the total amount – no later than:

  1. 90 days before the start date of the selected Inter-continental Moto Tour (Morocco).
  2. 60 days before the start date of the selected International Moto Tour (Kaymaktchalan, Transfagarashan…).
  3. 30 days before the start date of the selected National Moto Tour (inside of Serbia).

on the account of the organizer of the Moto Tours.

The payment of 50 % of the total amount will allow the organizer to make the booking of all necessary elements (rooms, restaurant, ferry boat etc……) of the selected Moto Tour.

Important NOTE !!!

THE APPLICATION FORM will be accepted by C.A.S. only when it is accompanied with proof of payment of 50% of the total value (price) selected motorcycle tours.

In case you pay CASH the amount of 50 %, you will receive a receipt and a Invoice with mention of the payed % and the number of the receipt. In this case you will fill the APPLICATION FORM with pencil, in the same time when you make the payment cash you will submit the Application Form.

The rest of the total amount of the selected Moto Tour will be payed no later than 60, 30 or 15 days before the start date of the selected Moto Tour (1. 2. or 3.). The proof of this payment have to be SCAN and to be send by E-mail to C.A.S.

In case of the NON-PAYMENT of the rest in time, the organizer will consider that the client has voluntarily decided to withdraw from further participation in the said Moto Tour. By this act, the client loses any right to the already paid amount of 50% – it is considered that the client GAVE UP and accepted the loss of the payed amount.

Important !!!  


Moto-tour of Morocco has a unique rhythm of payments which is explained in details in a direct communication with a  potential participants.



C.A.S. – Team


Note: be very careful when fill the Application Form, because with your signature you are responsable for all the information you have written in the document.