Small Tour

- 2 days across Eastern Serbia -

DAY 1 - 275 km


We start from Belgrade - Saturday morning at 08:00.

Through Highway to Mali Pozarevac (about 40 km) and continue through the road no. 25 to Mladenovac (about 15 km), where we will take a breakfast in PEČENJARA (recommendation "Dragovic"), the offer is great, the choice is ours.

We continue to Topola (about 27 km), through Raca, Despotovac and Svilajnac to monastery Manasija (about 80 km), where after visiting the monastery, let's go around Resava Cave - Ticket price is 150 dinars per person, and working hours are from 9:00 to 17 hours - which is located approximately 21 km by road number. 186, no. 385.

After visiting the “Resava” cave we continue to “Krupajsko vrelo” (about 30 km),


GPS location 44 ° 11'1.78 "N 21 ° 36'32.36"E


We will take a lunch in the restaurant of the “KrupajskoVrelo”, which advertises itself best, saying:

"The house specialty is trout from our ponds which the guest can optionally itself to fish. We also have a large selection of other typical specialties of our region: Homolje lamb, homoljski cheese, polenta and also offer a large selection of ready-made meals from the grill".

After lunch, if it proves necessary - break over coffee, we move on... through no. 161. We're left for today, about an hour and a half easy drive (about 70 km) to the hotel “Jezero” where we will spend the night, with standout - coffee break - after 33 km at the “VreloMlave”, gently we come to Bor Lake after a total of around 275 km. Sleeping in a hotel "Jezero".




Dinner at the hotel or the "Lake" or in Brestovac Spa, which is about 6.5 km, the choice remains our...

Click on the link you can see what it looks like hotel from all angles.


Here's a look at day 1 ride on the map. Around 275 km of driving.



DAY 2 - 325 km


Today we are planning to ride a little more kilometers, a total of about 325 km. We start from the hotel "Jezero" the latest at 09:00 AM after breakfast.




Let's go through the town of Bor through the road No. 165 to the hotel "LepenskiVir" (about 80 km)...




Coffee break is over, we go on... road to Golubac through the main road “Danube road”.

We will pay attention to landslides, which are common on this road.




In Golubac fortress we arrive by the road no. 34 after about 53 km, we continue a few more kilometers to the town of Golubac and go to lunch at a restaurant, click on this link you can see a menu with the prices of both food and drinks.

After about 57 km we arrive to the village of Kostolac where is the Viminacijum. The Viminacijum archaeological site is extremely preserved and very significant find near the Roman period, which shows and proves that the mammoths in these areas were present...






After the tour, we continue the way through Kovin, Pancevo, new Danube bridge and enter Zemun (part of Belgrade),




we continue to "Usce" and after about 130 km greeted with a cup of coffee and that's where it ends, this two-day tour.




Today's ride was about 325 km long in total from the hotel "Jezero" at Bor-lake through Donji Milanovac, Golubac, Viminacium in the village Kostolac, Kovin, Pancevo to Usce in Belgrade.

The total mileage of the two-day tour is about 600 km in a slow rhythm during the two days filled.

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