– Kaymakchalan –

All participants are required to come with a fully operating motorcycles which are able to cross the next 3,000 km without the need for any service. The motorcycle must be duly registered and must each have a “green card” (both Macedonia and Bosnia) have neat passport, driving license for the category of vehicle that drives.


DAY 1 – arrival of guests from SLO – 0 km

Arrival, waited for them to Bojčinska forest – restaurant KOLEBA (N 44.218861 E 19.918167).




When guests arrive to the toll gate “ŠIMANOVCI” from Zagreb on the highway that leads from the border to Belgrade (E70), pay the toll – type in the navigation N 44.218861 E 19.918167, these are the coordinates of the restaurant Koleba in Bojčinska forest, where the place of grouping all participants Moto Tours “Kajmakčalan – 2016”.

 Time to which should arrive is until 17:00, when we do the verification of all the participants and motorcycles. Below is a brief BRIEFING, where he will explain the Tour organizer, emphasized that the discipline is very important in traffic and be available to answer all questions related to the Tour.




Followed by dinner, and if possible, live music just for our guests…

We go to sleep no later than at 23:00.

In the morning, getting up at 7:00, breakfast until 08:00 and START is at 08:30.


DAY 2 – Bojčinska forest to Vlasotince – 417 km




Proposal to move until 08:30

Moving from Bojčinska forests, Lazarevac, Arandjelovac to Topola (all national roads) where we pause, take a picture next to the mausoleum and the Uprising Karadjordje.

We continue via Kragujevac to Rock cafe “Ko to tamo peva”, where we will be greeted owner Dragan, I’ll be resting, strengthen and continue to Krusevac (all national road). From there we go to the highway after a total of 255 km traveled, where we include the code “Pojate”.

We continue on the Highway to the Gorge of SIĆEVO, we reach after about 82 km. The correct time for lunch at “Mali Vikend” where we eat “Švajsovane ćevape” and what other… if desired.

After the break, fed, rested after a couple of cafes… we continue slightly to 80 km highway to Vlasotince, where we will be greeted by our comrades from BMW Moto Club Vlasotince.

Here we sleep in the center,the dinner will be in the Ethno restaurant “Homeland”.

Breakfast will be organized in a bar or “Homeland” or in the hotel where we sleep.

DAY 3 – Vlasotince, Skopje, DemirKapija, Gevgelija – 325 km




Proposal is to move till 09:00

Today we drive 325 km. We’re going down the right path, to the border crossing Tabanovce and continue to Skopje (capital of Macedonia). Refreshments (coffee and refreshing drinks…) we’ll go in a short tour of the central part of Skopje… very, very interesting…

We continue to winery “Popova Kula” located in DemirKapija.

After the visit, the tasting of the Wines:

Winery Popova Kula
DemirKapija AD
Bulevar of wine No.1, DemirKapija
Wine tasting of 5 wines with differents prosciutto and cheese
The price of this wine tasting is 600mkd per person or 10 euros only

We continue only 53 km to Gevgelija, “NAR” hotel where we will spend the night.

Dinner is planned in a very good restaurant “Javor-Dzoko”…

The restaurant was built next to it, that is, with the old maple tree, which they say is over 400 years old, I will not say anything, you’re going to talk about unreal flavors of lamb and grilled.




DAY 4 – Mrzenci, Giannitsa, Kajmakčalan, Bitola – 316 km






Suggest that we start around 09:00, after breakfast.

Today I choose to go around a place that I believe everyone will be happy – it is a mountain Kajmakčalan, of which Wikipedia says the following: Kajmakčalan is the highest peak of the mountain Nidže to 2,521 m above sea level, on the border of the Republic of Macedonia to Greece (Mariovo) . It is composed of gneiss and granite, and is known as the scene of the fiercest battles on the Salonika front during World War I in 1918. On it was erected a memorial chapel where it is and hour, in which (was) [1] buried heart doctor Archibald Reiss. Next to the church stands an ossuary containing the remains of fallen soldiers. The delegation of the Republic of Serbia for the first time visited Kajmakčalan 2014.



The heart is missing from the Bulgarian occupation of the territory of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II. The path leads through Greece over the city Gianitza, Edessa… little town Niki border crossing and again, we’re going to Macedonia in the direction of Bitola, turn right on route no. 2338 which go some 30.8 km. Turn right on the road that bears the name “Dr. Rice “, a later time he got the name” Kajmakčalan “and should go around 25.7 km to the memorial chapel (ossuary). A lightweight off-road, acceptable for any motorcycle.




After touring and take a photos we descend the same road to the main road that will take us to the town of Bitola, where we will sleep.

Hotel SumskiFeneri Hotel – 3 stars
S.Trnovo, 7000 Bitola, Macédoine
Hotel coordinates – 41 ° 02’36.7 “N 21 ° 15’18.9” E


5th DAY –  Bitola, Sv.Naum, Tirana, Shkodra, Rijeka Crnojevića – 408 km






We start after breakfast at 08:00.

Through Albania, we will drive through the towns of Pogradec, Elbasan, Tirana… direction towards Shkodra, Shkodra after going to the border crossing “Božaj”where we enter the Montenegro.

Lunch in Albania bay PATOK, quality fish and wine at a very low price.

Before we enter Albania we will pass near Lake Prespa, and by the road of second order (about 33 km) we come to the coast of Lake Ohrid, very close to the monastery of SvetiNaum. The border with Albania is next to the monastery.

We will change some euros in local currency. 1 euro = 140 lek (current ratio of foreign currencies at 01/16/2016).




This lunch (for 4 persons) with images in Patok, with all Tipped costs 45 euros.

Daughter arrives with a huge platter: gilthead identify the other we look like bream, the third is John Doe fish, seafood no sweat; squid, shrimp, cuttlefish, everything. Can i mixed salad, huge, with goat cheese. Can corn cake topped with cream cheese resembling, all sprinkled tomatoes. Can the eggplant with parsley in olive oil. Can chillies, six pieces. Can black, wine; we want the most expensive of the three euro. Can a few dozen bottles of mineral water; Boro wants and coca-cola can. Can fruit at the end: all with one voice – it can. 

This looks interesting, I suggest you have lunch in the lagoon to the Adriatic coast near the town of PATOK.

The town of Patok is about 185 km from our entry into Albania, taking into consideration that from Bitola to St. Naum had about 83 km, we need a little stronger breakfast in Bitola, and I think we can endure these 268 kilometers. If we start in the morning after breakfast at 08:00 and if we have an average of 60 km/h … which is not so difficult, it is about 6 hours drive + 2 hours of standing (SvetiNaum and other breaks, fuel and so on…) arrive for lunch around 16:00. Believes this suggests that we should start no later than 07: 00 and then it all fits… a deal, right?



After lunch, we left with a little less than 150 km to the city in Montenegro, where we sleep, we’ll go through Skadar (short coffee break), border crossing Božaj and through Podgorica to Rijeka Crnojevića where we sleep.

I think we will very quickly fall asleep after a hard day…


Day 6 – Rijeka Crnojevića, Ostrog, Piva, Visegrad, Drvengrad – 410 km


Start from Rijeka Crnojevića in the morning around 8:00.




Through Podgorica, go to the monastery of Ostrog, which we will visit briefly, saying goodbye to friends – brothers GoranTijanic, IT engineer of the monastery.

We continue along the bank ofPivalake, and later through the canyon of the river Piva arrive at the border crossing “Šćepanpolje”.

In Visegrad, visit the “Andric City” and continue to Serbia – to “Drvengrad” where we will spend the night.

Day 7 – Drvengrad, Rogačica, Grazing Ravan, Valjevo, Sabac, motel “Uzelac” Ruma – 208 km




Rested After breakfast depart around 08:00.

The road takes us to Bajina Bašta and continue through Rogačica, Pašne Ravni to Valjevo where we pause, rest, and continue through Šabac to the Motel “Uzelac” which belongs to the municipality of Ruma.

Here we have lunch, if you want. This is where we stop to ride with our guests from SLO, they go home to Zagreb and further, we to Belgrade.


Greetings to all participants,

the organizer of the tour.





Costs that are covered by the organizers:

  • 6 nights in a double room (if you want to be alone in a room, it must be noted when arranging tours and accept another (higher) the price of accommodation.
  • 6 dinners, high quality, selected meals with one drink ( all other drinks participant pays immediately upon completion of the dinner).
  • 6 breakfasts, continental-type breakfast with tea, coffee, milk.
  • the constant presence of the guide – who speak foreign languages, English, French, Serbian, Macedonian, driving guide organize the group, dictate tempo drive and all participants are required to listen advice’s of the guide.

Costs that are not covered by the organization:

  • Cost of fuel, highway, museum tickets and the like, parking, possible penalties in transport and all other personal expenses of participants of the tour.
  • Board – lunch is not covered by the organizers, we are consulting on the way where and when it will be lunch and acceptance of the agreement is not an obligation.
  • All drinks (coffee, water, juice or other beverages) during the tours are not covered by the organizers.
  • All other expenses who is not specified to be paid, are the personal expense of the participants.