Example of Moto Tour in APRIL 2017

The host of this motorcycle tours will be………

Zoran Mihajlovic, his nickname is ……. ………………………. “Moroccan”.

The Moroccan grew up in Morocco, he stay with his parents 6 years in Rabat, the capital town. Every summer, his family, traveling through the country.
Since then, his love for Morocco is only growing. Later, Zoran has started to touring the country of his youth with his wife ………….. on motorcycle.
They made the first trip with  motorcycle, in 2009.

55-01 55-02

56-01 56-02

and the second in 2014.

Click on the link below………

Your host have the knowledge and long experience to make a great atmosphere between the participants…………. specially on this Motorcycle Tours.

You can indulge and enjoy the charms and beauty of Morocco !!!  


DAY 1 – (20 April 2017) – around 591 km




A Tour is planned for a minimum of 7 participants, maximum 14 participants – this meaning – the same maximum number of motorcycles as the participants.

Start from Belgrade early at 07:00. At that moment, lunch-packets for the DINNER (two sandwich’s + 1 fruit yogurt + 1 fruit juice + 1 water 1,5 lit.),  will be distribute to the participants (for the dinner on the ferry).

– Lunch will be in a tavern around Kupres (small Capricorn) (NOT include in the price of the Tours),

In the evening we boarding to the ferry Split – Ancona, sleeping on board in double cabins  (sea view).

Dinner and breakfast will be on the boat (buffet) –  include in the price of the Tours

 FERRY (ship) – Split – Ancona

Moves 20 April at 20:00 and arrives from Split to Ancona on 21 April at 07:00.

Transportation by boat for 1 + 1 passenger motorcycle + 1 bed in a double cabin – external. 

If a customer wants to be alone in the cabin – it must be noted in the Application form and it will cost him – for the entire cost of the cab. 


Day2 and Day 3 – (21th and 22th April 2017) – around 530 km in total


Sleeping in Tuscany.

We not use the highways with toll.

Accommodation, dinner and breakfast are include in the price of the Tours, the rest is the expenses of the participants of the tour.

Day 2 from Ancona to Camping near Sieme – 280 km.

Day 3 from the campsite to the port of Genova – 250 km.

Camping Boschetto di Piemma II
Address: Via S. Lucia, 38 / c, 53037 San Gimignano SI, Italy
Phone: +39 0577 907134

Accommodation (containers housing)in double room, with swimming pool, restaurant pizzeria nearby.












START from the camp at around 09:00, the direction of the city of Genova (250 km),  where we will arrive before 16:00 in order to Checking traveling cards, load motorcycle on a ship and distribute the participants to the cabins.

The ferry-boat leaves port at 18:00.

we must arrive minimum 4 hours before the official time of Departure of the ferry-boat from the port – at 2 PM at latest !!! 


4th  and 5th day – boat trip Genoa – Tanger Med


(21 April 2018 at 17:00 Start from Genoa, coming to Tangier Med the 23 of April 2018 around 17:30)

On the third day in the after-noon the ferry-boat start from the city GENOA (Italy) at 17:00 PM and arrives in Tangier Med (Morocco) at 17:30 PM local time  (after 48 hours and 30 minutes) .
The local time in Morocco is -1 hour from Europe time. 

The food (2 breakfasts, 2 lunch’s an 2 dinners) on board are include in a price of the Tours.

Transportation by boat for 1 passenger + 1 motorcycle + 1 bed in a triple cabin (2 persons in the cabin).

If a customer wants to be alone in the cabin – hi must notifies the organizer when signing the Application form, and it will cost him – for the entire cost of the cab.








Return (02 May 2018 at 23:00 Start of Tangier Med, arrival in Genoa on 05 May 2017 around 05:30)







Landing from the ferry-boat is planned  at 17:30 PM (our 5th day on the road).

We START from the port of Tanger Med as sun we finish with the custom formality and we drive around 51 km to the small touristic town on the coast M’diq.


Our accommodation for tonight will be ……



The dinner and breakfast will be in the accommodation (include in the price of the Tours).

DAY 6 – (25 April 2017) – around 270 km

Starting time today is around 09:00 ……….



Accommodation in Fes – (dinner, bed in a double room and breakfast – include in the price of the Tours)

Hotel Ibis Fes

Estimated time of arrival at the hotel IBIS-Fes – 16:00.




Day 7 – (26 April 2017) – around 206 km


From the town of Fes we drive through Ifran (ski center), through the Cedar forests around the city AZROU (there we will see some Macaque monkey), we will cross  the High Atlas mountain  and we will arrive in the town of Midelt where is our hotel at an altitude of about 1,500 m.

Hotel Riad Villa Midelt





Accommodation in Double Room, dinner an breakfast are include in the price of the Tours.




Macaque monkey are completely harmless (they can bite, so we should be careful).

Cedars tree are huge, up to 40 m in height… beautiful…



Day 8 – (27 April 2017) – around 269 km


Today is driven High Atlas down to the perimeter of the Sahara desert where we will sleep in the hotel (desert fortress), ” LES DUNES D’OR”.




There is a part of macadam road (6 km) from the asphalt road N13 to the hotel ” LES DUNES D’OR”. The macadam road is tough and if anyone have a ride problem, guides will transport participants and their bikes to the hotel.

Accommodation is in a double room with bathroom for 2 persons, dinner and breakfast this is include in the price of the Tours.

Riding camels and sleep in the camp in the desert – price can be negotiated with the boss (optional – are NOT include in the price of the Tours).

The next day break by the pool, riding camels, and walk along the sand dunes… HOLIDAY!





DAY 9 – (28 April 2017) – 0 km


Today we are cool…………….everyone does what he wants………….riding camels, walk in the dune of sand, shopping………..massage, sauna, swimming pool………… free choice……….

22-5-2014 Canon (61)


DAY 10 – (29 April 2017) – around 350 km



Departure after breakfast at least until 08:00.


Today we will drive through 2 large canyon, Canyon (gorge) Todra and Dades Gorge, a remarkable experience.

Todra Gorge – coffee break after 215 km of driving.

22 Klanac Todra

Dades Gorge – lunch break after 120 km of driving.

Serpentine Maroko moto

On the road between the two gorge we will pass the town of SKOURA, nice for photos……


After the Gorge of DADES we return around 20 km to our

Hotel Babylon Dades
Double room, breakfast and dinner are include in the price of the Tours.


During the dinner, the Berber musician will be with us, will dance for us………



Day 11 – (30 April 2017) – around 340 km



From the hotel we have to START at 08:00 because today we drive through the mountains of the High Atlas – unreal beautiful landscapes.


With mountain crossings over 2.000 meters high, like a crossing point of Tizi-n-Tichka (2.260 m)

Resting and lunch on the way – is NOT include in the price of the Tours.

Our hotel in MARRAKECH will be the 2 CIELS BOUTIQUE HOTEL, in the center, very near of the Medina and many good restaurant but in a quiet neighborhood.

Accommodation in 2 beds rooms + dinners + breakfast are include in the price of the Tours.





Good restaurants…………..around the hotel, near of the place Jemaa El-Fnaa………





Day 12 – (01 May 2017) – 0 km


HOLIDAY – sightseeing, leisure activities. Koutoubia Mosque, a large square in front of Medina – the famouse Jemaa El-Fnaa square, Argana cafe……..



DAY 13 – (02 May 2017) – araound 350 km


Today we drive from Marrakesh to Rabat via Casablanca.


We visit one of the largest mosques in the world, Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca,



drinking coffee at Rick’s cafe (there, Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman played a historic role in the movie Casablanca).




We continue to Rabat – capital town of Morocco.

Hôtel des Oudaias


Accommodation in double room with breakfast + dinner are include in the price of the Tours.






Day 14 – (03 May 2017) – around 292 km


Today we drive slowly to the port of Tangier Med, from Rabat we have about 292 km of road.

We have no reason to start early, so we will leave the hotel around 11:00 AM.


We board the ferry that will take us to Genoa port.

We sail out at 23:00 PM and arrive to Genoa the 6 of May (after 48 hours and 30 minutes) at 00:30 (in the middle of the night almost).

Upon completion of customs control we continue the highway, slow ride.

Our target is the city Fiumicino.




Day 15  – (04 May 2017) – on the ferry-boat – 0 km

On the ferry boat……………….. rest ………..


Day 16  – (05 May 2017) – on the ferry-boat – 0 km

On the ferry boat……………….. rest ………..



DAY 17 – (06 May 2017) – around 500 km


Upon completion of customs control in ITALY we continue by highway, in slow ride.

Our target is suburb of the main town of Italy ROME –Fiumicino, where is the extremely beautiful hotel.

Golden Tulip Rome Airport Isola Sacra
hôtel 4 étoiles (4 stars)


Near we can visit:

Ostia Antica – (2.3 km), where you can visit the ancient theater, a round temple and forum.

Roma, the eternal city – (23.3 km)

We have a lot of driving – about 500 km, keeping in mind that we arrive about half one in the morning, we will drive slowly to get to the hotel in the morning, to enjoy the pool, walk around the city and rest in luxury selected hotel.

Accommodation in double rooms with breakfast (buffet), swimming pool, Wiffi, private parking are include in the price of the Tours.

The dinner is NOT include in the price of the Tours, the participants are free to go and enjoy alone or in group the archaeological beauty of Rome, to shopping or to rest……’s on them.




DAY 18 – (07 May 2017) – around 316 km


Today we plan to drive about 316 km (Fiumicino – Ancona). We START from the hotel at 09:00 AM.

We will not use highway, only national roads.


From Ancona we have daily ferry to Split, this is a security and this is the main reason for our decision to go to Ancona and not to Bari or Brindisi.






FERRY – ANCONA – SPLIT starts at 20:00 and arrives in Split at 07:00 AM

Transportation by boat for 1 passenger + 1 motorcycle + 1 bed in a double cabin (2 persons in the cabin) – external view.

If a customer wants to be alone in the cabin – hi must notifies the organizer when signing the Application form, and it will cost him – for the entire cost of the cab.

The DINNER on the boat is NOT include in the price of the Tours.

We propose to organize our self and make one PIT-STOP to one of the SUPERMARKET in Ancona and everybody buy what hi need for the diner on boat. This expenses will NOT be on the organizer.

The BREAKFAST will be in Split or on the road, out of Split This expenses will be include in the price of the Tours.




Here’s what they look like double cabins on board.


  • If a participant wants to be alone in the cabin during the journey by boat automatically its partial price will rise for the value of use alone the double cabins. This will be the subject of special offer for the passenger concerned.
  • Offered price are only for services listed in this detailed itinerary.
  • All expenses not specified in the offer with a note that will be paid by the organizers, was charged to participants.


DAY 19 – (08 May 2017) – around 250 km


Today we drive on the Adriatic coast, we enjoy, this is one of the most beautiful coast in the world.




We will drink coffee (if the majority wants) in Dubrovnik, and our hotel will be in the town of Trebinje.

Accommodation is in a 4 star hotel in Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The accommodation in 2 bed room + dinner + breakfast is include in the price of the Tours.

Hotel NAR, Trebinje.



The dinner will be in the village of MOSKO, we will go with few Taxi cars …….. Lamb is extraordinary !!!





DAY 20 – (09 May 2017) – around 231 km


Today we will drive over the mountains of Bosnia through the towns of Tyentishte, Fotcha, Gorazde and Vishegrad………… the town of wood DRVENGRAD in Mecavnik in Serbia. This town completely made in wood is the work of well-known film director Emir Kusturica.


The accommodation in 2 beds rooms + dinner (buffet) + breakfast (buffet + closed swimming pool  + Spa center (sauna, Turkish bath, solt room) are all include in the price of the Tours.







DAY 21 – (10 May 2017) – around 257 km

Today is the last day of our traveling together.

We just got used to each other ……………………. And behold, it is time to separate.



On the road, near of Belgrade, we can take a lunch in some good Taverna……………….maybe in Mladenovac, the well non Taverna “MB” , the lunch expenses are included in the price of the Tours.




…to the next Joint times… Živeli!!!


The amount paid to the organizer puts it in the obligation to provide:


  • Accommodation in hotels with minimum 3 stars, maximum 4 stars.
  • Accommodation is in double rooms, and if used large apartment with 4 people, there is two bedrooms plus living room, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Organize semi-board accommodation (dinner and breakfast), except when it is indicated, and then left to tour the traveler will determine where and how to dine at his own expense.
  • Available – A guide on a motorcycle (speaking several languages – Serbian, French, English ….) With Assistant entire duration the Tours.
  • Detailed printed “Road Book”, and the possibility of the detailed route on the USB in GPX format surcharge of 25 euros.with the right to use ONLY in one navigation device, says the written agreement.


The amoutn paid does NOT imply that the organizer should provide:


  • Motorcycle,
  • Gasoline,
  • Toll charges on the road, during the Moto Tours,
  • The parking costs,
  • Miscellaneous insurance: mandatory and any other insurance that ensure the repatriation of participants or passengers for Serbia in case of need, professional medical assistance , liability to third parties in traffic,
  • Meals as well as lunch and dinner when this is indicated by the organizers
  • Optional costs during the Tours,
  • Personal expenses of any kind.

For pricing information click HERE.

“Moto Tour MOROCCO” includes:


– The duration of minimum twenty (20) days
– The total mileage of about 4,880 km, which will exceed the motorcycle of each participant
– Nights in hotels with minimum 3 stars
4 travel by boat (Ferry Boat, Ferry ) as follows:

  • Split (Croatia) – Ancona (Italy) duration 1 night – 11 hours.
  • Genoa (Italy) – Tangier Med (Morocco) duration 2 nights- 48 hours.
  • Tanger Med(Morocco) – Genoa (Italy) duration 3 nights   – 49.5 hours.
  • Ancona (Italy) – Split (Croatia) duration 1 night – 11 hours.

– We will pass through 5 countries, some of them multiple times.
– it is understood that the participants should be in good health, with healthy theet.
– All participants should possess a valid motorcycle and proper documents necessary for such a time as follows:

  • A passport with a minimum of three blank pages and shelf life at least 6 months.
  • Visa for Morocco is necessary and the organizer will help in issuing visas and contact with the Embassy of Morocco in Belgrade.
  • Join a motorcycle who does not stand out during the registration times.
  • Insurance Green card for motorcycle.
  • Personal travel insurance UNIQA type, all the information you can get by clicking on
  • Serviced motorcycle to service following at least 6,000 km.
  • The new tires on a motorcycle. Recommendation – Continental TKC 70 or Heidenau Scout K60
  • Complete motorcycle protective suit + rain suits.

– It is understood that the participants adhere to all traffic regulations when driving through all the country will listen to advice guides in all circumstances because it would certainly facilitate travel and therefore make it an enjoyable one.
– Each participant will sign an agreement on all of the above and his obligations will be to comply with the agreement referred to in the agreement.


C.A.S. & AluxSwiss ltd