TEST – HONDA “Africa Twin” model 2016

Test driver: Zoran Mihajlovic “The Moroccan”
Date: 14 – 15 May 2016
Weather conditions: rainy, temperature 12 – 20 degrees Celsius

Motorcycle tested on asphalt (in dry and in the rain), the hard gravel (dry after rain) on a dirt road (after the rain).

The asphalt surface:
– In dry weather motorcycle has been tested on the section from Belgrade via Avala, Mladenovac to Kragujevac and the return in the rain conditions the same routes.
Road – asphalt, national road no. 149 to Knez Petrol before Mladenovac, and the national road no. 25 to Kragujevac. The road – a lot of curves,  without traffic crowds so that it was possible in safe conditions on dry and wet asphalt test the motorcycle.

Macadam (after the rain)
Motorcycle completely justifies expectations, absorbs bumps very well, quiet, does not change direction because of holes and stones ………… but is not designed for drivers who are taller than 180 cm, you find that when you get up to drive is not ideal for control of the motorcycle. This of course can be very easy to “adapte” for taller driver – raising the steering wheel and lowering foot pegs.

Dirt road (after the rain)
Forget with the serial tires. Immediately fill patterns and tire slip uncontrollably on the front and rear ………………… no crampon – do not go to off-road, especially in the mud.

Serial tires
– Very good for dry asphalt, allowing even sportier drive, and powerful braking.
– On the wet asphalt (rain) provide excellent feeling so that the driver is fully with all the necessary information on time, enabling safe and efficient driving.

– Satisfying when used simultaneously front and rear brakes. If we add to this the engine brake, shifting into lower gear ……….. brake fully satisfies.

The balance of the motorcycle is very good. Lets ride without effort, bends in the road  start to be a great satisfaction. The sudden change of direction is possible with a good response of the ABS system that works well.

Traction control (DCT) is a system that everybody praise and rightly so. Under hard acceleration on wet asphalt surface a few times I turned on the illuminated indicator “T” and on that occasion the motorcycle did not allow to the rear wheel to slide out …………. which was very good (for off-road , this option in position “off” because then its not help, but hinders ………… it harder to drift a motorcycle). The conclusion is that the system controls rear wheel slippage called DCT is doing its job very well.

Fuel consumption
a pronounced sporty driving when we push the engine close to the red zone, get fuel consumption of 10.6 liters of 100 octane fuel from OMW Gas-station for only 120 km – an average of 8.83 l/100 km.
“Normal” driving without to push in high rpm, the speed 90 – 140 km/h come to completely different consumption – an average of  5.72 l/100 km.
The conclusion is that fuel consumption is within the normal range for the motorcycle that still has between 232 and 242 kg of weight with fuel and all fluids depending on the equipment. The tank of less than 19 liters allows “range” between 215 km with a strong and sporty driving up to 420 km with a slight road driving.
Let’s say that the average “range” will be around 330 km in the city and its surroundings.

The engine is very pleasant, nice work, without any bad vibes, lively is when it rpm. A little bit lazy when not in rpm. Transmission 6-speed gearbox is obviously 5-speed + 1 speed that can be called “overdrive”. Usable only on motorways in order to save fuel.
Maximum speed in rainy jumpsuit is 200 km/h on the highway and 190 km/h, it was relatively easy to achieve, and then the last 10 km/h is little waiting., When driving in sixth gear.
Driving in 5th gear, the maximum speed is much faster to achieve.
The engine has “extended gas” that is a characteristic for a line four-cylinder motorcycles, which is very pleasant because overtaking car becomes very safe and simple, in one word ……… SAFE.

My conclusion is ……………………. I like it and I wish I had this bike. Drive it for me was rest and play. A very interesting and safe motorcycle.
There’s not a place to talk to much ……………………

Make no mistake, there are better, faster, more economical but it is irrelevant, as it is ………… I like it!

I thanks HONDA Delta Motors on the proposal for a TEST, I hope you are happy as I am.

Zoran Mihajlović “Moroccan”

Africa Twin 2016 - specifications

Photos from the test are in the GALLERY